math talent test 2017

Important Dates and Time

Declaration of Venues : 10th December.
Exam : 16th December, 10:00 AM.
Posting Solutions : 16th December, 2 PM.
Declaration of Shortlist to the Main exam : 17th December, 2 PM.
Main Exam : 20th December, 11.30 AM.
Declaration of Winners and Prize Distribution : 20th December, 1.30 PM
Declaration of Final Rankings and Statistics: 20th December, 5 PM.

Eligibilty Criteria

Anybody in class 8th, 9th and 10th can register for the exam. We are focussing in Karimnagar area. Schools/students who want to register may please contact us at +91-9177686448.

Structure of the Exam

It’s an open book exam. That is, students can refer to any textbook or notes during the exam.
The exam is conducted in two phases. Preliminary exam is on 16th December, Saturday 10 AM. Duration of this exam is 75 minutes and the question paper contains 15 problems.
At the rate of 1:5 prize vs candidates ratio, 225 students are shortlisted for the main exam.
Corresponding schools are informed to take the candidates to the main exam on 20th December, Wednesday 11.30 AM. Main exam contains 10 problems and the duration is 90 minutes.
All the answers are positive integers in both the preliminary and main exams.

Questions and Scoring Strategy

The questions only test the aptitude but not memory. Please refer to the Previous Papers section for practice.
Questions are selected from a pool randomly. For example, the pool size could be 30 and we select 15 of them randomly. Ordering of questions and the values in the question are unique.
The scoring is relative. That is, marks for a correct answer depend upon how many people have correctly answered the question.
An easy question correctly solved by several people can fetch 1.12 marks while a hard question solved by very few can fetch as many as 2.99 marks.
Formula used in assigning score to a question is: 1 + 2(1 - success_ratio2/e), where success_ratio is the ratio between number students correctly answered the question and total number of students.

Prize Structure

Top 6 students of class 10 will be provided free Intermediate Education (+2) including hostel fee in good college in Karimnagar.
2 of these are in open category, 2 reserved for government school students and 2 are reserved for government girl students.
In addition to the above, there are 45 prizes split equally among the three classes (8th, 9th and 10th). A prize consists of 1000 (one thousand) rupees cash, a T-shirt and a medal.
For each class there are three categories: Open, Government and Government Girls. For each category of each class there are 5 prizes. Thus 45 prizes in total.