frequently asked questions

Why your own exam? Why not award/reward class toppers?

Scoring in academics and aptitude are not equivalent. We believe the latter matters a lot. Unfortunately, for the students and the parents only the scoring part is apparent today. Nobody emphasizes problem solving skills and comprehension.

How does a one-time-an-year event help students?

This would be a platform to test their performance in a larger sample. A student can take this test 3 times by class 10th. This will improve the awareness of math and competitive world at an early stage of a kid.

Only for motivation and awareness?

In addition to the multiple small rewards, for top 6 students (2 open, 2 reserved for govt, 2 reserved for govt girls) of class 10th, we will sponsor their +2 (intermediate secondary education), in a corporate educational institute.

Only 6?

May be more. It depends upon the donations, sponsorships, and the institutes. Also, we started training the government school kids on maths and english in a village. Spreading this needs more volunteers, donors and initiators.

What a team of 100 people can achieve?

Nothing wrong in dreaming, we hope. Five years ago, we were less than 5 people with 0 donations and were concentrating on a small school of less than 30 people in class 10th of a small village. Now we are expecting more than 10 thousand people to take the test. Donations contribute to half the expenses.

Why extra attention on girls?

Please read about Gender Bias and the need of Women Empowerment.

How can I contribute?

We strongly encourage you to take some initiation at your place. If not possible, do volunteer. Otherwise, you can donate a minimum of 8 (eight) rupees and a maximum of 1024 (one thousand and twenty four) rupees. We list only the names of the donors. Amounts will be kept confidential.
You may also choose to sponsor a student for their intermediate education, which costs between INR 70 thousand to 1.2 lacs, depending on student's rank and institution's mercy. If you are willing to volunteer, contact us at
You may transfer the donations to the following account:

Sadisha Foundation,
Savings Account: 630501068069,
ICICI Bank, IFSC: ICIC0006305,

For any questions regarding the same, please contact

I want to contribute more!!

You may choose to sponsor one child's education for the two year Intermediate course. It could cost between 50 to 70 thousand per child.
Please contact us for more details!!

I have more questions!!

Contact us at or call us at +91-9951594258.