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More details on rewards, please?

First six rankers (class 10th) of the test get free intermediate education in a corporate institution including hostel and mess fees irrespective of which school they belong to. Also top 6 rankers from the government schools and top six girls from the government schools get the same. In addition to that, for classes 8th and 9th there are 5 prizes in each of the Open, Govt Open and Govt Girls categories. Thus 15 prizes per class and 30 prizes in total. A prize here means, 4096 rupees cash prize, a medal, a certificate, and a T-shirt.

More details about the exam, please?

It’s an open book exam. That is, students can refer to any textbook or notes during the exam. The exam is conducted in two phases. Preliminary exam is on 18th December, Wednesday 10:30 AM. Duration of this exam is 60 minutes and the question paper contains 10 problems. At the rate of 1:5 prize vs candidates ratio, around 240 students are shortlisted for the main exam. Corresponding schools are informed by 19th noon to take the candidates to the main exam on 21st December, Saturday 11.00 AM. Main exam contains 10 problems and the duration is 60 minutes. All the answers are positive integers in both the preliminary and the main exams. Candidates must carry their Aadhaar card to both preliminary and main exams.

Most of the questions attempt to test the aptitude and analytical skills, rather than the knowledge of the syllabus. Every student may not get the same set of questions. Ordering of the questions in each set is unique along with the values in the question. The questions range from very easy to very hard. The scoring is relative. That is, marks for a correct answer is not fixed. It can vary between 1 to 3 marks depending upon how many students have answered the question correctly. A very easy question solved by many people can fetch only 1.12 marks whereas a very hard question solved by very few can fetch 2.99 marks. To know more about the question paper preparation setup and evaluation process, please visit Math Talent Test section.

Why your own exam? Why not award/reward class toppers?

Scoring in academics is not a good measure of aptitude of the student as it relies more on memorization. We believe that aptitude matters a lot in real life. Unfortunately, for students and parents only the academic scores are apparent today. There is little emphasis on problem solving skills and comprehension. We wish to encourage more meaningful education.

How does a one-time-an-year event help students?

This would be a platform to test their performance in a larger sample. A student can take this test 3 times by class 10th. This will improve the awareness of math and competitive world at an early stage of a kid.

Any stats?

More than eleven thousand people took the exam in December-2017. We have started in 2012 with one school, less than students and just 3 volunteers. Today we are a team of 150 and growing. Covering 60+ schools in Karimnagar.

Why extra attention on girls?

Please read about Gender Bias and the need of Women Empowerment.

How can I contribute?

We strongly encourage you to take an initiation at your place. We will take care of the financial and logistic needs. If you are willing to volunteer, contact us at
You may transfer the donations to the following account:

Sadisha Foundation,
Savings Account: 630501068069,
ICICI Bank, IFSC: ICIC0006305,

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I have more questions!!

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